Readers block.  Is there such a thing?  I think so, because I am experiencing it.  No matter how hard I try or how far I search, the books that keep me interested are far and few between.  Why?  Is it me?  Is it the choices I have to pick from?  I have my favorites and I strive to find more books like what I know I like, but I can't seem to find many of them. (I have to say, the last books I loved were Maris Black's KAGE 1 & 2).  I love m/m.  I used to be an avid fan of m/f historical romances.  In fact, it's all I read for years.  But my horizons have been broadened since then. I know what I like now, but I can't seem to very often find what I desire in a m/m romance.

When I first began reading the m/m romance genre I couldn't get enough.  It seemed like the books that hooked me and had me forever addicted to this genre were numerous and I devoured them.  I would read for hours at a time.  Several of my fave authors either hardly ever release books anymore or write mostly m/f now.

Also, it looks like the books I desire to read are not what is "popular" anymore.  I want the angst.  I want to cry because one m/c is cold and heartless (or so it seems), only to find out he is afraid to show his feelings, and has realistic reasons for feeling that way.  I want my other m/c to cry about it and get angry.  I want that 'harlequin' feel that seems to be lost to me.  Only I want it in m/m.

I love one m/c to be smaller and a bit effeminant while the other is big, dominant, Alpha.  And the top.  Am I old fashioned?  Not really.  I just know what my kinks are.

I also love BDSM when it's done well and with intelligence.  I don't want an author to write BDSM just because it's popluar but because he/she understands that world and how it makes the participants feel.  I want emotions, angst, misunderstandings (again, done well and with a heavy dose of realism).  Don't give me PWP with too much sex.  But DO give me sex.  And enough with the insta-love.  Give me depth, show me how they fall in love.  Don't just TELL me they do.  I want their conversations, their insecurities.  The tender moments only true lovers experience.  Give me a love story I want to come back to.  Characters that pull my heart strings and make me believe in love.  I want to hate that the book is coming to an end.  Curse the fact that I have to wait for a sequel.  I just want that FEELING.  I've missed it so badly.

So please, I welcome suggestions and recommendations.  (I also LOVE sci-fi m/m romance.)