Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising - C.J. Bishop Ok, yes, this series has wayyy too much sex, lube and condoms are rarely used and sometimes the angst is a little too much to take. HOWEVER, that being said, I want these men to actually exist in real life. I want to have them over for dinner. I want to simply watch them interact together. Dear god, I would even like to be a voyeur and sit in on their little sexcapades. Some are downright sexy (Max and Dane, you know I'm talking about you). Others are sweet and dear (Able, Caleb and Angel *sighs*) And some of you are just downright dirty and dangerous (Cole, Gabe and last but definitely NOT least, Clint *I wanna have your baby* the Cowboy Gangster). These books took me by the hair and dragged me along like a caveman in his prime. He made me his bitch and I'm loving every second of it. I've had the pleasure of being able to read these books back to back but I can see some really bad withdrawals in my future when I finish Shot Through The Heart, but damn, it's worth the addiction. More please!